Reducing business crime and its impact on local businesses is an important priority for the BID.  Apart from the effective detection, apprehension and prosecution of offenders, we are taking measures to reduce the opportunities for criminal activity.

Harrow Town Centre BID in partnership with Metropolitan Police and the London Borough of Harrow have created the Harrow Business Against Crime partnership (HBAC) to represent Harrow Town Centre BID members operating in Harrow Town Centre.


Aims of the Harrow Business Against Crime Partnership are:




We attend the quarterly meetings of the Safer Neighbourhoods Greenhill Ward Panel, where we discuss aspects of the town centre with police officers, councillors and local residents. We also attend the term-time monthly meetings of the Deputy Heads from Harrow schools and police officers.

We provide input to meetings of the borough’s Anti Social Behaviour Action Group where decisions are made about issuing Criminal Behaviour Orders and Community Protection Notices and we regularly ban troublesome youth and prolific shoplifters from the town.

Fair Processing Notice

Beware of Counterfeit Perfume Sellers!

Business Burglary Prevention Tips

Little Book of Phone Scams – what you need to know

Coronavirus Scams – Fraud Alert

Big Scams and How to Avoid Them

Empty Commercial Premises Advice

Deterring Crime

Privacy Notice (Members)

Pubwatch Fair Processing Notice


We provide access to a secure offender database called DISC. Members must join HBAC (Harrow Business Against Crime), sign up to a code of practice in order to share images and information regarding shoplifters and individuals involved in crime in the town centre. The HBAC Board of Management regularly meet and issue banning notices to individuals who behave anti-socially.

Members can also receive a townlink radio, for a small monthly cost, which is linked to the police and Harrow CCTV control room. This enables businesses to alert others of potential ASB, shoplifters or emergency situations.

Harrow BID in partnership with Harrow Council is a sponsor of the Best Bar None scheme

Best Bar None is an Accreditation Scheme with National Awards supported by the Home Office and the drinks industry which is aimed primarily at promoting responsible management and operation of alcohol licensed premises.

The BID has trained staff members who inspect licensed premises and help to ensure our pubs and restaurants offer high standards of care to their customers and meet their legal responsibilities. Venues who pass the various social, welfare and health & safety checks receive accreditation plaques and each year awards are given to the best venues in various categories at an awards evening held locally.

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Best Bar None Annual Report

Harrow BBN Booklet

Awards Night 2019

Best Bar None Newsletter – June 2019

Awards Night 2022

Awards Night 2023


Is your business prepared??
Do you have a continuity plan should something in happen in your business or in the town centre?
Is your business continuity plan reviewed regularly and do your staff know what to do to, particularly if you are not in?
A business continuity plan is needed for the most likely risks to your business. Is a terrorist attack your main area of concern, or is it a loss of IT? How can you mitigate the negative effects on your business, premises and staff?
If your business does not have one, click below to download a template which you can modify to your particular needs.

Business Continuity Plan


Following on from the Continuity Plan above, The Property Flood Resilience Code of Practice, launched in February 2020 by the Property Flood Resilience Roundtable, provides practical guidance aimed at a range of audiences. We understand the importance of the Code of Practice and have created easy to implement suggestions to summarise and advise small businesses on how to prepare for flooding. Download the fact sheet below:

Flooding Fact Sheet


We work closely with the Greenhill Safer Neighbourhood Team and regularly meet with the Sgt and Inspector Matt Cray.

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Harrow Council and Harrow BID have worked together to introduce a set of guidelines to help buskers, the public and businesses in Harrow Town Centre share the town for the benefit of all.  We want to make Harrow a vibrant and fun place to visit, but not to the detriment of businesses, or causing annoyance to residents or passers by.

Click here to download the guidelines.